Simplifying the Student Loan Process

By Online Media Source / May 27, 2020

This post is brought to you by our partner, LeverEdge. Their organization works with families to get the best loans through collective bargaining. To join their initiative for free, follow the link above. When I got into Harvard Business School, I realized what a nightmare student loans truly were; the whole student loan process was…

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College Athletic Scholarship Basics

By Cooper Hanning / May 22, 2020

This is part one of a mini-series called “Scholarships and College Funding for the Student-Athlete.” It will give information on the resources and steps for attaining college athletic scholarships from the perspective of a young athlete, a collegiate coach, and a professional athletic advisor. So…you’re an athlete (or your child is). Congratulations, Sporty Spice! Parents,…

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How to Qualify for More Financial Aid During COVID-19

By Rory Sullivan / May 19, 2020

Despite Turmoil and Loss, Opportunity Knocks In the past week, millions more Americans filed for unemployment benefits. The unprecedented surge in layoffs as businesses shutdown to combat the coronavirus pandemic has pushed the unemployment rate to the highest levels since the Great Depression. Families around the country are hurting and are wary about the future.…

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8 Tips for Writing a Successful Financial Aid Appeal Letter

By Mario Carannante / May 6, 2020

Never Settle for Less than You Deserve Many parents look at the financial aid letter as the final say in what their child receives to help fund the cost of college. Few realize that if the financial aid package offered in the award letter isn’t everything you hoped for, you can appeal it. There is…

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Paying for College Without Parents’ Help

By Angelique Ayala / April 30, 2020

NOTE TO PARENTS: Even if you are not helping to pay for your kids’ college, it is still important that you take an active role in supporting their college search and funding process. For example, your kids will need you to help them fill out the FAFSA and CSS Profile. Beyond these things, there are…

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College Decision Time is Near – Are You and Your Student Prepared?

By Mario Carannante / April 21, 2020

Thousands of students nationwide are in the process of making one of the biggest decisions of their lives: which college to attend. This means that parents are down to the wire on “confirming” their child’s decision, which too often depends on what they can afford. Although the net cost of a college degree is often…

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Don’t Be Fooled by Your Financial Aid Letters

By Mario Carannante / April 16, 2020

Colleges have now mailed or are currently mailing financial aid letters to countless college-bound students, and these students need to make their decisions for college enrollment by the May 1st deadline (or June 1st, as many colleges have pushed back the decision deadline). Many students will have multiple offers, and families will need to decide…

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College Financial Aid – Know the Rules!

By Zaina Bankwalla / April 9, 2020

College is not paid at sticker price! Yes, you read that correctly. If ten students went to the same college at the same time…… I can safely say that all ten will pay a different price for the same college. Now, how is that even possible? Welcome to the world of paying for college! It’s…

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COVID-19 hits college savings plans

By Online Media Source / April 9, 2020

Age-based portfolios have improved in design over the past several years, but some investors have been hit harder than others   April 8, 2020 By Emile Hallez Source: This year’s market volatility tied to COVID-19 has affected nearly all investors – including students who will soon start their first semester of college. The stock market…

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Conquering the Beast of Graduate Student Debt

By Tim McFillin / March 26, 2020

I do not think it is hyperbole to say that we are dealing with a student loan crisis in the United States. As of February 2020, there is over $1.6 trillion in outstanding student debt. To give you some perspective, Forbes published an article a year ago discussing how aggregate student debt in the U.S.…

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