Since 2002,  The College Funding Coach® has worked with thousands of families to educate them on the process and options for saving and paying for college. Over that time, the rules have changed, but our process has remained the same.  Our goal is to help our families look comprehensively at their situation, evaluate their options, understand the resources to which they have access and identify potential solutions.  By approaching planning in this manner, we are often able to help families realize greater potential than they may have previously thought possible.  Just as has become popular recently with sports teams—we believe that if you simply follow the process, great results are more likely.

The College Strategy Evaluation

Whether through one of our informative workshops, an online webinar, our website, social media, or by being referred by a friend, we want you to fully understand our process and the ways in which we are helping families—probably a lot like yours—save and pay for their children’s education.


The first step is to understand the “rules of the game” when it comes to college funding. By understanding the standardized forms such as the FAFSA and CSS Profile, understanding the timeline and the types of strategies that are being used to save and pay for college, it gives us a great first step towards accomplishing the goal of paying for higher education…and still retiring one day!

Confidential Understanding

Our process is designed for you to work one-on-one with one of our trusted coaches who will really get to know you and understand your children, your goals and what makes you tick—not just in terms of the singular goal of paying for college; but how that relates to the rest of your financial world.


By exploring various financial strategies and how they can improve your financial circumstances and the advantages and disadvantages of each option, we are able to determine the type of strategies that will help to accomplish your goals.


By going to the financial markets, negotiating on your behalf and selecting institutions with whom to work to customize your plan, we can bring these strategies to life.  Our team manages the entire process on your behalf and helps you to position your newly implemented strategies into your existing planning.

*These strategies are separate from The College Funding Coach, and you'll work with your independent financial services representative to implement each product or strategy.


Through our ongoing client service model, we help clients monitor changes in the capital markets, tax law changes, changes in the cost of college, and even familial changes so that your strategic planning evolves with you.

Parent Testimonials

Karen C., Parent, Brevard Public Schools, FL

“Excellent, comprehensive presentation. You guys know your craft!”

Alissa M., Parent, Tandem Friends School, VA

“I left the workshop with a couple of things that I could do right now to make the whole process of applying for financial aid to paying tuition easier and…

Laura W., Parent, CO

“Amazing information! So glad that I attended. I will sleep better tonight. Thank you.”

Bob Brown, Counselor, Heritage Academy, AZ

“While we do a great job of getting out scholarship information, this fills in the missing link that scholars and parents often ask about…How do I pay for college?”

Gene Perkins, Parent, TN

“Demetrius is great! My wife forced me to attend through threats of violence but Demetrius did such a great job I enjoyed it!”

Meet with a Coach

No time to attend a workshop and ready to sit down with a coach for an individual consultation? Complete our Confidential Financial Questionnaire and meet with one of our team members.