College funding, when done right, is about much more than just writing the check.

To plan comprehensively for college, a family should consider how to get accepted at the best possible schools and to create a customized strategy for finding the right fit, how to maximize both need and merit-based aid, and of equal importance, how affording a college education for your child(ren) fits within the context of a comprehensive financial plan.

Over the years, we have done our due diligence and curated some of the best professionals and organizations as resources for you.  Please feel free to connect with these firms directly, and let them know that The College Funding Coach® sent you. Be sure to let us know how your experience was; and, if you have someone we should consider adding to our list, please let us know!


Partnership Corner

The Importance of Starting Early on Your Activities List.

If there is one thing we know for sure about the US university application process, it is that US colleges are genuinely interested in who you are and what matters to you. Unlike other higher education systems across the world, US colleges and universities ask the most personal questions and ask extensively about student hobbies.…

How You Spend Your Winter Break or Summer Vacation Can Help Get You Into College

School breaks provide the perfect opportunity to get involved in activities and programs that will give you a competitive edge when building a well-rounded college application that stands out. When it comes to applying for college, there’s no such thing as being over-qualified. Of course, dabbling in too many different activities without really diving into…

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