Welcome to our webinar/workshop main page! Here, you will take the first big step in your college funding journey. Below, you will find two types of webinars:

  • Our flagship Little-Known Secrets of Paying for College workshop is the most common and is packed with information. This is a live overview of the whole funding process. If you see a listing with just the name of a school or organization, it is a LKS webinar and is open to the public unless stated otherwise.
  • We also offer “specialty webinars” that drill down on specific areas within the world of college funding: think student loans, the financial aid process, creative ways to reduce college costs, pros and cons of various financial strategies, and much more.

Gilbert High School

Gilbert High School 1101 East Elliot Road,, Gilbert,, AZ,

Little-Known Secrets of Paying for College

Gilbert Classical Academy

Gilbert Classical Academy 1016 North Burk Street, Gilbert, AZ

Little-Known Secrets of Paying for College

Prospect Ridge Academy

Prospect Ridge Academy 2555 Preble Creek Pkwy, Broomfield,, CO

Little-Known Secrets of Paying for College

Parent Testimonials

Karen C., Parent, Brevard Public Schools, FL

“Excellent, comprehensive presentation. You guys know your craft!”

Alissa M., Parent, Tandem Friends School, VA

“I left the workshop with a couple of things that I could do right now to make the whole process of applying for financial aid to paying tuition easier and…

Laura W., Parent, CO

“Amazing information! So glad that I attended. I will sleep better tonight. Thank you.”

Bob Brown, Counselor, Heritage Academy, AZ

“While we do a great job of getting out scholarship information, this fills in the missing link that scholars and parents often ask about…How do I pay for college?”

Gene Perkins, Parent, TN

“Demetrius is great! My wife forced me to attend through threats of violence but Demetrius did such a great job I enjoyed it!”