Save for Retirement or Pay for Your Kids’ College?

By Hugo Carvajal / June 23, 2020

Many parents already have enough on their plate as they try to secure their retirement. Throw college into the mix and things get much more complicated. Nevertheless, the majority of parents still plan to fund part of their children’s college—about 70% of them according to a Fidelity study in 2018. What’s worrisome is that some…

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Think Twice About Using Real Estate to Pay for College

By Hugo Carvajal / November 19, 2019

Note: In this post, I am focusing solely on rental properties—not REITs or crowdfunding platforms. The Pros of Real Estate Investing Recently, I’ve been coming across parents that swear by only investing in real estate to pay for their children’s college education. Typically, they believe only in real estate because it’s a brick and mortar…

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When Should You Apply for Scholarships?

By Hugo Carvajal / July 2, 2019

Do Not Wait Until Senior Year I often hear from parents saying, “my son/daughter will start applying for scholarships in their senior year.” I have often wondered why. Senior year is a tale of two drastically opposed semesters. First semester is a frantic flurry of SAT/ACT’s and college applications, in addition to class work and…

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