Is an Ivy League Education Worth the Cost?

By Tim McFillin / April 9, 2021

The Ivy League Dream: A Generational Holdover That Overlooks Disproportionate Cost I grew up in a family that valued higher education tremendously. My late grandfather was a Cornell graduate and worked for IBM as an engineer for 35 years. Although he was not a wealthy man, he was financially comfortable and able to put all…

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Navigating Your Undergraduate Student Loan Options Wisely

By Tim McFillin / July 14, 2020

As of February 2020, about half of Americans expect to live paycheck to paycheck this year. Keep in mind that this report came before COVID-19 really impacted the US jobs market. Now, that percentage is likely higher, especially for people in the travel and service industries. This means that many parents probably do not have…

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Conquering the Beast of Graduate Student Debt

By Tim McFillin / March 26, 2020

I do not think it is hyperbole to say that we are dealing with a student loan crisis in the United States. As of February 2020, there is over $1.6 trillion in outstanding student debt. To give you some perspective, Forbes published an article a year ago discussing how aggregate student debt in the U.S.…

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This Smart Virginia Mom Got Her Son a $150,000 Scholarship

By Tim McFillin / August 22, 2019

How Did an Average Student Obtain Such a Massive Scholarship? In this audio interview, Tim McFillin of The College Funding Coach sits down with Tracy O’Grady, a military veteran and mother of two boys, to discuss how she and her husband prepared to pay for college for their two sons. Most notably, Tracy explores how…

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Consider Going Out of State for College

By Tim McFillin / August 14, 2019

In-State College Is Not Always Cheaper When I was in high school growing up in Vienna, VA, my parents told me “Tim, you can go to any school that you want……but it has to be in Virginia.” So, I did! The oldest of four, I proudly attended the University of Virginia, hoping to pave the…

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