Piggy Bank for CollegeEvery year the cost of college seems to outpace the rate of inflation. You would think that our weak economy would have an effect on college prices, but it never does!

One thing is for certain though, regardless of the state of our economy, the demand for higher education will always be there. And unless you attend a local community college, you can expect to have a HUGE amount of college debt after graduation.

Furthermore, one would think that students who choose to attend a more expensive prestigious college would have no problem obtaining a decent job to pay the bills (and student loans). But today’s economy has put a damper on companies that normally hire college graduates from these elite schools.

Below is a list of the 20 most expensive colleges in the country, based on their tuition and room & board costs. Can you believe that the top 15 are now over $60,000 per year – per student!

Whether your student plans to attend a private college, or a lower-cost state university, the fact remains the same: college is expensive! If your student will be a junior or senior in high school this fall, you should begin planning how to pay this cost NOW! Give us a call! We can help!

Institution 2015-2016 Costs

1. University of Chicago


2. New York University


3. Harvey Mudd College


4. Johns Hopkins University


5. Dartmouth College


6. Northwestern University


7. Bard College


8. Fordham University


9. University of Southern California


10. Carnegie Mellon University


11. Bard College at Simon’s Rock


12. Rensselear Polytechnic Inst


13. Sarah Lawrence College


14. Oberlin College


15. Wesleyan University


16. Trinity College (CT)


17. Occidental College


18. Scripps College


19. Haverford College


20. Pitzer College


The author of this newsletter is Brock Jolly.

If you have any questions about the information contained in this newsletter, or any questions about college funding in general, please contact our office.

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