Stuck in the Middle: How Roth IRAs Can Be Used for College Funding

By Jimmy Hicks / November 8, 2019

Roth IRAs and the FAFSA When it comes to college funding, most families seem to be “in the middle.” They aren’t wealthy enough where college funding isn’t a concern and at the same time, they aren’t poor enough where the government will help pay for most, if not all, of their children’s college education. Being…

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Researching Student Loans

By Erik Fischer / November 5, 2019

The Current Student Loan Situation It’s fair to say the student loan environment has…and I believe this is the technical term…gotten completely out of control. As of 2019, total student loan debt sits at about $1.6 trillion—exceeding total auto loan debt (almost $1.2 trillion) and consumer credit card debt (nearly $1.1 trillion). Also, as US…

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College Planning Alphabet Soup – FAFSA, CSS, EFC, COA

By Erik Fischer / October 30, 2019

Have you ever had a job or been in a business where acronyms seemed to exist in every email subject line, every report, and every team meeting?  Of course, we all have!  Do you think college planning is any different? Nope! This article is going to help you get to know the important acronyms.  Here…

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Utilizing the College Board Website for Research

By Erik Fischer / October 22, 2019

Finding Answers to Your College Questions When it comes to preparing for college, there are many important questions that a family has to ask. Here are some of the big ones: How do I find the right college for my child? How much does each school cost? Where can I find the timeline for admissions?…

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Unclaimed Money for College: Will You Claim Yours?

By Willis Holdeman / October 17, 2019

Your Annual FAFSA Reminder This school year, there will between $2 billion and $3 billion left on the table by students that would qualify for it if they just fill out one form. What is this magical form that could open the doors to the majority of this money?  The FAFSA!  Data shows that 36%…

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How to Research Scholarships

By Erik Fischer / October 17, 2019

Figure Out How NOT to Pay for College As of 2019, funding college is one of the most difficult financial hurdles for any American family.  A college degree has become increasingly expected for quality employment. Combine this with the fact that college costs on average increase at twice the rate of inflation, and you see…

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When Multi-Generation College Planning Goes Wrong

By Jacob Martin / October 11, 2019

Why Using the Correct Type of Life Insurance for College Funding is Critical  Have you ever heard the phrase, “grandparents have it easy! They get all the fun, then hand the kid back for all the hard work”? If your family is anything like mine, that’s been said more than once during a car exchange…

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Average College Tuition In America

By Online Media Source / October 10, 2019

Overview: The Current Situation of Student Loan Debt Is a college diploma even worth it in 2019? In recent years, college has been the logical next step for many high school graduates who are eager to gain more knowledge, develop their skills, and ultimately accelerate their careers. But are all these high school graduates ready…

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Overlooked Benefit of 529 Plans: State Tax Deductions

By James Graham / October 4, 2019

What is a 529 plan? A 529 is a tax-advantaged college savings plan that can now be used for K-12 tuition as well. You make after-tax contributions and your earnings will not be taxed at withdrawal as long as you use the funds to pay for qualified education expenses. These plans also have no income…

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Want to Minimize Student Debt? Don’t Go to College for Six Years

By Todd Guffey / September 23, 2019

College costs, and by extension, student debt, have gotten out of hand. There are numerous ideas and opinions on how to best address the student loan crisis, ranging from federal debt forgiveness to universities shouldering part of the burden. Most of these strategies overlook the root of the issue.  The solution that strikes me as…

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