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Growing up, my father struggled in school. His grades were not strong enough to receive any scholarships and his family could not afford to send him to college on their own dime.

Instead, my dad did what he knew best when he graduated high school: he worked.

Looking back at my dad’s financial situation, and knowing what I know today about scholarships, there may have been a chance for him to achieve scholarships after all. The resources and scholarship information that we now have access to could have helped my father and his family. Unfortunately, finding merit and need-based aid was definitely more challenging back then; there was no internet and no FAFSA to consolidate the aid application process.

Providing the Gift of College

Nonetheless, as my father began his career as a framer, he soon possessed the skillset to open his own framing company with his brother. As his business began to take off, he was able to build his small operation into a well-known construction company.

Finding success early, my father was able to provide stability and financial freedom for our family, but deep down he still feared that he would not be able to provide the opportunity for his children to excel.

Fiercely intent on helping his kids fulfill the aspirations and dreams borne of a college degree, he began to pick up more clients and work longer days, sometimes seven days a week, so he could save more for our futures.

Learning the Ropes of College Funding

Eventually, he would cross paths with a stranger, a financial professional, who was able to educate him on the ins and outs of paying for college and the value of financial planning.

Before my father began these conversations with his adviser, he did not understand how the college process worked. He had no real sense of financial aid or how to qualify for it; he didn’t understand the “behind-the-scenes” machinations of college pricing: he didn’t know what went into the expected family contribution (EFC), much less what it was; and besides paying tuition out-of-pocket through hard work, he had not been exposed to other methods of college funding.

But, with the new guidance he received, my dad was able to create a plan that successfully put all four kids through college.

The College Funding Coach Advantage: Financial Efficiency and Peace of Mind

Looking back, I continue to be inspired not only by my father’s commitment to giving his kids all of the opportunity in the world, but also the incredible work this stranger—this “financial planner” was able to do for my family.

I often wonder what would have happened if my dad did not receive the education and proper guidance around paying for college.

Luckily, for my family and many families out there, college funding experts—like those at The College Funding Coach—are qualified to help families pay for college efficiently and effectively. The education that is now accessible through these coaches is so impactful and can quite literally be lifesaving.

Joining The College Funding Coach team has allowed me to give back to the community and help so many families pay for college in the same way my father was helped.  It is extremely rewarding to wake up every morning knowing I can help put a family on the path to financial freedom, specifically by navigating the tricky waters around college planning!

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