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Sure, grades and test scores are important, but let’s talk about essays, holistic admission, and cost of attendance.

Join us as three experts discuss critical pieces of the college puzzle. We’ll impart valuable and actionable strategies for you and your student, and attendees will receive free resources from each organization. You’ll hear from:

Brock T. Jolly, CFP®, ChFC®, CLU®, CLTC, CASL®, CFBS®, is the founder of The College Funding Coach®. He is a financial advisor and regular educator in community and professional groups on college financing, tax reduction strategies, and retirement planning. His practice is dedicated to helping families implement strategic long-term financial plans to fund college and retirement with minimal out-of-pocket costs. Brock is a graduate of the University of Virginia.

Christine Gacharná is the founder and principal writer at ESSAY CURE®. She holds a BA in English, an MA in journalism, and is a Certified Professional Photographer. Her writing and images have been published in local and national newspapers, magazines, and online. For six years, she taught undergraduate COMM & English courses at the University of Phoenix, where she was Lead Faculty for Communication. It doesn’t matter if you hand her a camera or a keyboard; she’s a master storyteller.

ESSAY CURE® bridges the gap between high school English and academic writing. In our session, you will learn:
The Five Biggest Mistakes Students Make When Writing a College Application Essay
How to avoid those mistakes
Separating your student from other applicants in an insanely competitive college market

Hannah Serota, Certified Educational Planner, is the founder and CEO of Creative College Connections, a college admissions consulting practice based in Leesburg, VA. Hannah earned a B.A. in Philosophy from Oberlin College and a M.Ed. in Counseling in Higher Education from George Mason University. She has served on Admissions Advisory Boards for The University of Arizona and Lynn University. Hannah brings her three decades of college admission experience to her work support teens and their parents across the United States in discovering best-fit colleges – places where they will thrive.

Creative College Connections provides teens and their families with exemplary professional guidance, tools, and strategies that inspire confidence and joy on the path to acceptance at best-fit colleges. You will discover:

  • Common college admission myths that get in the way of landing at your best-fit college
  • Questions you should be asking all colleges
  • College admission in the time of Covid-19 – what you need to know

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