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Theresa W. White, CCFS®, ELA®

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1818 Library St
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Why The College Funding Coach?

I am on a mission to positively impact people’s lives by changing their mindset about money.

As a member of The College Funding Coach® team, I work with families that are interested in finding a better way to retain more of their hard-earned money by funding college without stopping their growth curve. Specifically, I help parents understand the “rules of the college-funding game” and develop strategies to create liquidity or qualify for more financial aid by leveraging assets.

The ultimate guiding question is this: how can you make your money work for you in a more efficient and effective manner?

The problem is that most people spend their working years earning income so that they have assets…only to find that when they are ready to move from “having to work to wanting to work”–aka “retirement”–they need to turn their assets back into income, and they have no idea what that means or how to accomplish that. Now throw in the wrench of paying for college while trying to retire comfortably.

It’s my passion to help people bridge these gaps so that they understand how to save for college and retirement in a way that makes sense for their goals and values!

Area of Focus for LKS Workshops: Public and private schools in Northern Virginia

A Little More About Theresa

Background: Theresa was born in the Philippines and immigrated to the US as a child. She grew up in the northwestern suburbs of Houston, Texas, with her parents and four sisters. As one of five girls, she learned the value of a dollar and how the flow of money works. Her parents also instilled the importance of a good education, hard work, and “saving for a rainy day.”

After a long and successful career in the automotive industry, Theresa discovered she had a larger calling to make a difference in people’s lives.  She became a Financial Advisor shortly after having her son to help parents realize that finance is not a foreign language. Upon discovering the future cost of college for her then 3-year-old son, she joined The College Funding Coach team and has helped hundreds of families develop strategies around how to “fund college” instead of “paying for college.” She earned her CCFS (Certified College Funding Specialist) and ELA (Education Loan Analyst) designations so she can help families more effectively.

Her career experience includes consumer credit, finance, sales, business development, training, and helping re-establish credit following bankruptcy.

Personal: Theresa lives in Northern Virginia with her husband, Eric, son, Devin, and COVID-rescue-pup, Boom. A self-professed “foodie,” she enjoys cooking, bike-riding, traveling, and participating in 5Ks and fundraisers with her boys.

Community Involvement: She is a Board member of the GMU School of Business Women In Business Initiative (WIBI). Her work with the GMU WIBI board nurtures her love of helping raise funds for student scholarships. She now works with professionals at the top of their careers. They are the financial decision-makers balancing the demands of career and family but secretly struggling with fear, anxiety, and guilt because they have a financial “junk drawer.”  She helps them gain control by educating and guiding them with simple steps to make a significant financial impact.

Education: B.A/B.S. with Distinction, Mary Baldwin College –  Double major in Business Administration and Computer Information Systems, minor in Economics

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