Background: Murray J. Miller is a published author, financial educator, popular speaker, and national authority on the college planning process.

Murray’s passion for college funding literacy led him to partner with The College Funding Coach in 2023.

As a seasoned expert in financial planning and college funding, Murray now utilizes his experience in the field to help The College Funding Coach identify and train exceptional financial advisors who can incorporate college funding into their financial planning practices.

Murray has already trained hundreds of financial advisors on how they can effectively assist their clients in this highly specialized area of financial planning.

Mission: With his keen ability to find and develop the right financial planners for The College Funding Coach community, Murray seeks to bridge the glaring gaps in expertise between the admissions process, the financial aid process, and the financial planning process.

Murray’s Mantra:  “I am a firm believer that any parent, regardless of their background or financial circumstances, can comfortably afford to help send their student(s) to college if they learn how to play and win the college planning game”

Contact Murray: Murray is located in Medway, Massachusetts. If you are a financial advisor interested in joining The College Funding Coach, reach out to Murray here:

Phone: (508) 353-0003

Murray Miller College Funding Coach