Welcome to The College Funding Coach® Mini Vault! Thank you for attending our workshop and completing our survey. The information contained in our vault is here to help you dive deeper into creating your family's college financial plan. You'll find an action plan, tools to estimate how much you'll need to save for college, an EFC (Expected Family Contribution) calculator and more! You can utilize as many or as few of these tools as you wish.

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The mini-vault contains tools, calculators, and other information to help you begin to develop a college funding plan specific to your family.

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Parent Testimonials

Karen C., Parent, Brevard Public Schools, FL

“Excellent, comprehensive presentation. You guys know your craft!”

Alissa M., Parent, Tandem Friends School, VA

“I left the workshop with a couple of things that I could do right now to make the whole process of applying for financial aid to paying tuition easier and…

Laura W., Parent, CO

“Amazing information! So glad that I attended. I will sleep better tonight. Thank you.”

Bob Brown, Counselor, Heritage Academy, AZ

“While we do a great job of getting out scholarship information, this fills in the missing link that scholars and parents often ask about…How do I pay for college?”

Gene Perkins, Parent, TN

“Demetrius is great! My wife forced me to attend through threats of violence but Demetrius did such a great job I enjoyed it!”