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Welcome to The College Funding Coach®

Parents are clamoring for college funding resources they can trust.

A recent industry study concluded that college funding is the “#1 financial fear” of most American families.

There is enormous opportunity for financial advisors who can help families make the college dream a reality AND help them retire one day.

Yet, very few financial advisors focus on college funding. Why? Because licenses and certifications breeze over—or simply do not cover—strategies to pay for college.

Because college is so expensive, it is more important than ever for families to consider college funding strategies as part of a comprehensive financial plan.

Since 2002, The College Funding Coach® program has helped thousands of families make smarter and more informed financial decisions.

And, as a result of our program, many financial advisors have been able to build elite financial planning practices as sought after expert in their community.

The College Funding Coach® is looking to onboard top-level advisors ahead of the academic year. We are very selective, and will only select the best advisors with:

  • Deep industry experience
  • Top designations
  • A willingness to serve in your community
  • Public speaking skills
  • The highest degree of ethical fortitude

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Many financial advisors don’t reach their full potential simply because they don’t have enough quality prospects with whom to speak on a regular and consistent basis.” – Brock Jolly, Founder of The College Funding Coach

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