How does our process work?

Attend a Little-Known Secrets of Paying for College™ Parent Workshop
  • Get a 30,000-ft overview of college planning
  • Learn about the two paths.

Request Your Meeting with a College Funding Coach®
  • No obligation, 90-minute consultation focused on your specific questions.
  • Receive an introduction to your College Funding Coach® advisor.
  • Receive a detailed Confidential Financial Questionnaire.

Making the Most of Your Meeting
  • In a two-parent family, be sure that both parents attend.
  • Return your questionnaire in advance of the meeting.
  • Please mention all concerns you have, even if they’re not financial!
  • We have a vast network of resources that can help in many areas.

What You Can Expect at Your Meeting
  • Specially trained College Funding Coach® advisor.
  • Your individual financial situation will be evaluated.
  • Strategies from the workshop will be examined for suitability for your family.

Receive Valuable Information
  • Build your strategic plan for funding college.
  • Work through your priorities.
  • Implement the strategies that are right for you.

Download Our Process Here

Make the College Dream a reality…ONE day.


Meet with an Advisor

No time to attend a workshop and ready to sit down with an advisor for an individual consultation? Complete our Confidential Financial Questionnaire and meet with one of our team members.