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Why The College Funding Coach?

I have a passion for helping families navigate their financial path. I believe that proper planning must incorporate discussions of protection, savings, and growth. Ultimately, all college planning is also retirement planning.

This career came to me: I was recruited as a senior in college in 1978, and I figured that it would be a good temporary learning experience while I looked for a “real job.” 42 years later………here I am!

I discovered along the way that I had a passion for helping people make impactful financial choices. In 2001, I began to worry about how I would pay for three college educations for my own boys. Suddenly, the theory that I had learned became very real and personal! My wife and I successfully guided all three through the college experience. If I can do it, you can too!

Area of Focus for LKS Workshop: Loudoun, Clarke, and Fairfax Counties in Virginia.

A Little More About Jim

Jim Wehr graduated from Georgetown University in 1978 and began a career in the financial services industry that same year. He and his wife, Sandy, have lived in the DMV since 1974 and have lived in Hamilton, VA for the past 14 years. They have three grown children.

Jim is very active in charitable causes. He is extremely passionate when it comes to affordable housing. He has been on the Board of Loudoun Habitat for Humanity for ten years, three of which he served as Board Chairman and President.

Jim has a passion for old cars and machines; he has a very small but active collection.

Professional Accomplishments: Jim has multiple company and industry awards, or as he refers to them, “many Lucite blocks gathering dust on the shelf.”

Two of his more impressive accomplishments:

  1. Inducted into the Signator Investors Hall of Fame in 2000.
  2. Founding Father of The College Funding Coach – Jim was the first coach to join The College Funding Coach after Brock Jolly started it back in 2002.

Education: Georgetown University BA 1978; The American College CLU 2009

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