Brian LaRoche

Office Location

222 Central Park Avenue, Suite 1100
Virginia Beach, VA 23462

Those who know Brian LaRoche appreciate both his love for education and his desire to help others. Brian’s intense focus, deeply analytical mind, and commitment to the well-being of his clients are well-suited to his career choice as a financial planner. Through education, Brian seeks to replace clients’ apprehension about the future with knowledge, translate that knowledge into action, and thereby help them take control of their future.

Brian entered the financial services industry in 1993 after obtaining a degree in Finance from Virginia Tech. He started out with Combined Insurance Company of America, founded by the great American entrepreneur, philanthropist, and thought leader, W. Clement Stone. Intelligent, driven, and a hard worker, Brian sought the guidance of valuable mentors whose success he could model. Following their lead, he quickly rose to the top of his profession winning numerous accolades for his achievements.

Throughout his journey across the rapidly changing financial services landscape, Brian would repeatedly be faced with clients who were unsure about the impact of their current decisions on future outcomes. This only served to strengthen his resolve to perfect a rigorous financial planning methodology that would deliver true value through education.

He was his own very first client and then, just to be sure, he put his parents through his process. More than a decade later, time has validated his meticulous approach. The result: a successful financial services practice which continues to grow mostly through the referrals it garners from a comprehensive educational process, incisive insights, and unparalleled commitment to customer service. “Consumers have more access to information than ever,” he says, “and my role is not to sell, but rather to educate them so that they can make informed buying decisions.”

Outside of work, Brian can be found on his boat surrounded by family and friends, playing golf at Broad Bay Country Club, and actively supporting Roc Solid Foundation®.

A native of Virginia Beach, Virginia Brian continues to reside there with his loved ones; Heidi and his daughter.