Why the College Funding Coach?

Coming from a middle-class, divorced family, I never realized what a true gift my parents bestowed upon me by paying for my college education until I started working in the DC area and learned that the vast majority of my friends had to pay high rent and huge college loans at the same time.

Since then, I knew that I wanted to do the same for my children, but that is easier said than done! With the rising costs and vast differences among institutions, I learned early on that I had to become a student of the college admissions process and understand the workings of a for-profit industry under a not-for-profit label. Planning to pay for two college freshmen for the past 19 years has given me a unique insight into what parents are dealing with and the questions they have.

I love building relationships and am fascinated by people. I’ve enjoyed helping others both personally and professionally by asking lots of questions to dig deeper into what motivates them, trying to put myself in their shoes, listening, of course, and sharing my personal and professional expertise.

A Little More About Tricia

Tricia has worked as a career consultant with financial advisors and brokerage managers of multiple independent, wirehouse, and W-2 broker-dealers in the financial industry since 2014. Prior to that, she built a top producing sales organization, recruiting and training over 200 consultants.

Although she’s lived in Virginia since 1994, Tricia is a proud “Jersey Girl” from Mt. Laurel, NJ, so you can always count on her to give it to you straight.

Tricia has been married to her husband, Mike, a PGA Golf Professional, for 22 years. Together they have 19-year-old identical twin daughters, who just started their freshman years in college. In her spare time, Tricia loves to travel, play tennis, spend time at the beach and be an active part of her book club. She also volunteers in her community with LINK, the local food pantry, and Women Giving Back.

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