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Please use your Eventbrite spreadsheet to add info from sign-in sheets or use this template.

  • We are looking for name of school/organization/business
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Name/s of the CFC Advisors who Assisted at the Workshop.
  • Please provide (other) Presentation Given.
  • Please provide (other) Event Type. LKS Workshop combined with a PTA meeting, College Night, Partnered with another event, Lunch ‘n Learn event, Wellness Fair, etc
  • Check any that need improvement
  • How many people in the audience as opposed to how many people registered.
  • Were there many questions, was the audience engaged with the instructor, were there any problems worth noting?
  • Was there a delay or any other issues with timing? Did the setup and registration process work as expected?
  • Was the Principal there, or any College Counselors, Teachers, VIPs from other schools and organizations?
  • Please comment on anything that worked well or could be improved for next time.
  • Please note anything that worked well or presented a challenge as far as room/building location.
  • Anyone who circled YES or wrote their phone number at the bottom of the Evaluation Form.
  • Anyone who left the bottom blank or wrote in the word MAYBE at the bottom of the Evaluation Form.
  • Anyone who circled NO at the bottom of the Evaluation Form.
  • Anyone who registered on Eventbrite but did not attend.
  • Anyone who attended but did not complete an Evaluation Form.
  • Please type or copy into text box provided below. Please mention any comments that would be useful for testimonials and/or future improvements.
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