Simon Zheng

Office Location

3975 Fair Ridge Drive N315
Fairfax VA 22033


Simon Zheng began his financial services career in 2006, focusing primarily on helping families and small business owners to accumulate, distribute and preserve their wealth, creating effective strategies to save for college education and retirement. While working with his clients, Simon discovered that too many people made costly mistake as they tried to balance funding their children’s college education with saving for their own retirement.

Working with the College Funding Coach® is an effective way to offer clients strategies in leveraging their assets, so they can qualify for higher financial aid amount and send their children to better colleges and universities.

Simon Zheng has been involved with Asian communities in the Greater Washington, D.C. area for more than two decades. He and his team speak almost all of the Asian languages. They are dedicated to helping families overcome cultural and language barriers, understanding the lesser-known financial concepts, and achieving their American dreams!