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Why do I help people with personal finance?

The recession of 2008 was a major setback for hundreds of millions of people, including my family. Seeing this firsthand opened my eyes to how interconnected every financial decision is. Unfortunately, with how complex the financial world is, knowing what is best for your overall financial plan is highly challenging.

My mission is to help clients, students, and the people of the community weed through these complexities and make sound, educated financial decisions that lead them to financial independence.

How do I educate people to make sound financial decisions?

A massive misunderstanding is that financial planning is built purely off numbers and equations. The tendency for advisors and clients is to focus on products, fees, and rates of return, which leads to decisions made in isolated silos. I believe this is not the way one should approach planning.

First, we strive to understand what’s most important to our client, and what they want to accomplish in life; we must define their definition of “wealth.” Once this is understood, my purpose is to guide the client through the planning process and help them navigate the financial world to reach their definition of wealth. This includes full transparency and education on the fees, products, and tools available for the plan.

What is wealth to me?

Educating the world on how to make sound financial decisions.

I also enjoy spending time with my family and friends either by being outside or playing sports.